Your trusted production tracking platform with a full scale and bank integratabtle profit and loss function. The only platform aiming to empower Realtors, Teams, and Brokers to keep the profit in their pocket!

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The Product

A production tracking platform with a full scale and bank integratabtle profit and loss function in the palm of your hands! Our platform is 100% to scale from desktop to mobile app. Start smashing your goals today with GreenStats!



Displaying Key Performance Indicators including Units, Volume, GCI, Profit, Commission, and more!


P&L StatBoard

Full scale Realtor specific P&L with bank account integration eliminating the need for Quickbooks.. and the learning curve to use it!


Detailed Reports & Insights

Know your business from end to end with ROI/Source, Vendor, Sales location, and CEO/Income Summary Reports!


The StatBoard

Our dashboard, tastefully branded as the StatBoard is the heart beat of your business. All vital major vital signs live here. From current pending to closed volume, and GCI.. that StatBoard provides the birds eye view every Realtor, Team Owner, or Broker needs at a moments glance. Click on one of the StatCards to see your data pop on historical comparison charts with each major vital.

The Pipeline

With time in mind, our pipeline keeps you doing what you do best… creating relationships with clients. Our add transaction feature is all on one page on both desktop and mobile app to ensure you aren’t spending enormous amounts of time entering in your date. We have cut down on the manual entry with predictive text that will save all previously inputted information in a databank that allows you to seamlessly choose an input on the fly. Also in the pipeline lies the transaction list that is filterable by agent, timeline, source and more!

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Import Transactions

Whether you are just starting on a production tracking platform or have experience, we can all agree the worst part is manually entering every transaction or creating several api pulls to ensure the data is brought over correctly. Speaking from experience, it is not fun… To curb that frustration, GreenStats will allow you to do it yourself with ease! Download our excel template, enter the transaction data you wish to import and submit! You can import one agent at a time or all at once, GreenStats will organize it all with the click of a button!


No shiny bells and whistles here, just a DataBank. Import your contacts or enter one by one, our DataBank only requires a few things for each client.. 1. Name 2. Phone Number and 3. Email. The rest is optional. Knowing how to get ahold of your clients is important and while it may seem cumbersome to require a phone number and email, I promise you will thank us after you are well on your way to creating a sea of sphere deals in the pipeline!


Profit and Loss

GreenStats becomes a unique platform here. Combining a production tracking platform with a full scale bank integratabtle profit and loss function is game changing. Now, instead of guessing whether or not you are profitable, you can find out every day.. and compare your production to your profit without having to jump to another platform or the 10th spreadsheet you’ve made and haven’t found the time to keep up with. With GreenStats you can send your CPA a pdf, excel, or csv every month straight from the platform or just give them access to do it for you! Quickly import your transactions by logging directly into your bank account using our third party integration with Yodlee and start mapping! You can totally ditch any other profit and loss tool or app you are using. Enjoy rules for advanced mapping, bulk mapping and un-mapping, and use what the pros use.. the Millionaire Real Estate Agent budget model! GreenStats even allows you to create, edit, and delete categories and sub categories to truly allow a tailer fit for your business.

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A super power of GreenStats is the way it organizes your data and creates beautiful reports with game changing insight into your business. All reports are exportable via PDF, Excel, or CSV. First up on the reports section is the CEO summary, complete with monthly, quarterly, or yearly views. Secondly, our ROI report, much like all ROI reports the goal is to understand if your return on investment… we took it a step further. Filter your ROI report by no just the source, but by an agent or agents on the team not just as a whole. Next is our Vendor report. One of my favorite conversations with vendors is “I have referred you x amount of deals over the last 12 months and I haven’t received a single referral back, what can I do to earn your trust for referrals to our business?” Gene Rivers of Kw is the best when it comes to this conversation! Use this report to gain insight on production with vendors who are co marketing as well. Next up is the income summary, a spin off of the CEO summary that shows the summary of all commission earned by one or several agents in any timeline you choose. Lastly, our Sales Location report. This report has saved me over 2-3 hours per week alone. Imagine being able to see if that neighborhood you are farming has paid off with a few clicks.. or understanding where you need to farm next! The sales location report is filterable by agent, timeline, source, city, county, zip code, country, and even neighborhood! The possibilities here are endless.. one of my favorites is comparing the over or under performing zip codes that we purchase leads thru services like and Zillow.



The first calculator is simple and you may laugh but how many times have you pulled our your calculator on your phone to see what you’ll earn if you sell that house you are negotiating the contract for? Do you add in your brokerage fees and team splits? Just open your GreenStats app hit GCI calculator and punch in the details. You’ll see your net commission in no time(: The second and last calculator for now is the Goal Calculator. How do you know where you are going without a compass or how fast you are going to get there without a speedometer? Written or stored goals are your compass and speedometer. Studies show people are 42% more likely to hit their goals if they are written vs not. Seems like good odds to us(:


Ready for a virtual one on one tour of GreenStats with the founder himself?

GreenStats Story

Travis Cox

CEO and Founder of GreenStats

Real Estate success came fast and simple for me. I passed my test and obtained my license in 2013 as a 19 year old aspiring to be a writer or an FBI agent.. not a Realtor. My Father pushed me to get my license as he recently did because he saw I had stalled in terms of a direction in college. I changed my major a half dozen times and really just wanted to write. Yet, I didn’t have a burning passion for it and it never materialized. My Father probably thought Real Estate would eventually intrigue me knowing that he and his Father both had entrepreneurial mindsets. I too carried that same mindset early on in life. I remember scheming up ideas with my Papaw to make money as a 10 or 11 year old and we struck gold around Kentucky Derby time every year. My Papaw lived walking distance to Churchill Downs and gold was a $100-200 day for me. While my parents went to the Derby, my Papaw and I would park cars for cash in front of the house and have water and food fresh of the grill for sale for their walk to the track. That entrepreneurial spirit resonated with me whether I realized it or not and once I felt that first bit of success as a Realtor, a flame was lit.

I came to my Father after a year into the business and asked him if he thought it would be a good idea for me to depart his team and go out on my own. Deep down I wanted him to say no, I had thought long and hard about quitting all together if he said no.Yet, he said yes. My eyes lit up and I felt some sort of survival mode kick in. Instead of quitting,

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